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Cris and Joan on Detroit River shores in 2012
Photo by Geoff Kohl

Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg, well-known maritime historians, divers, photographers, videographers, authors, and speakers are a husband-and-wife team who love to explore shipwrecks, particularly those in the the Great Lakes. They both have certificates in Underwater Archaeology from England's Nautical Archaeology Society, and they have given more than 1,200 shipwreck presentations to a wide variety of audiences in both the United States and Canada.

Joan, from Chicago, has a degree in History and has been the Chairman of the "Shipwrecks and our Maritime Heritage" Room at Chicago's annual Our World--Underwater Show since 1996. She is the author of the scuba celebrity cook-and-tell book, Diver's Guide to the Kitchen, and articles in magazines such as Immersed, Great Lakes Boating, and Wreck Diving (for which she is Copy Editor). Joan appears behind the camera shooting underwater video, and in front of the camera as Cris' underwater model. In her three terms as President of the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago (UASC), she spearheaded several significant maritime history projects. She is the recipient of the 2011 UASC Award "for many years of leadership and dedication." In 2010, Joan was inducted into the International Women Divers Hall of Fame and has served as a Trustee on the Board of Directors for several years. She was elected Chairman of the Board in 2014.

Cris, a prize-winning underwater photographer with a Master's Degree in History, is from Windsor, Ontario. He served on the Executive Board of the Ontario Underwater Council from 1988 to 1997,  and is also a Past President of the Underwater Archaeological Society of Chicago. He has written thirteen books and more than 300 magazine and newsletter articles about Great Lakes shipwrecks, including several dozen in Canada's DIVER Magazine. His work has appeared in every issue of the international publication, Wreck Diving Magazine, since it began in 2003. He has helped locate and identify several shipwrecks. He is the 2008 recipient of the Our World--Underwater Achievement Award and, in 2013, he received the Save Ontario Shipwrecks Marine Heritage Award "for his extensive body of work contributing to widespread appreciation of Ontario's maritime heritage." His expanded edition of The Great Lakes Diving Guide is the most comprehensive book ever published about Great Lakes shipwrecks.

Cris and Joan have appeared on numerous television programs, including on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, and Chicago's WTTW, and their underwater video has been shown on PBS and Canada's CTV network. Co-authors of the books, Shipwrecks at Death's DoorOur World -- Underwater, The First 40 Years, The Christmas Tree Ship, and The Wreck of the Griffon, they have produced many history documentaries, postcards, and shipwreck and lighthouse maps. Cris and Joan are currently working on more shipwreck book collaborations.


Cris and Joan at Point Pelee on Lake Erie in 2011
Photo by Lara Hernandez-Corkrey

Our World -- Underwater, The First 40 Years, is available at the Our World -- Underwater web site,

In Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, 2005
Deeply involved in researching their Door County Shipwrecks book
Cris & Joan--Lake Superior's Whitefish Point, 2009
Photo by Daryll Ertel

Left: Cris and Joan at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
Right: Exploring Whitefish Point, Michigan. Photo by Darryl Ertel.
Approaching the figurehead of the SANDUSKY. Cris Kohl Photo
Joan at the top of the DANIEL J. MORRELL's bow mast. Cris Kohl Photo.

Joan Forsberg explores Lake Michigan's LOUISVILLE.
Photos above and below by Cris Kohl
Gliding over the remote COLUMBUS' boiler in Lake Superior.

Cris' earlier books, now out of print, are:

Dive Southwestern Ontario! (1985; revised and enlarged edition 1988; both softcovers)

Shipwreck Tales of the St. Clair River (to 1900) (1987; hardcover edition; softcover edition published in 1993)

Dive Ontario! The Complete Guide to Shipwrecks and Scuba in Ontario (1990; revised and enlarged in 1995; both hardcover editions)

Dive Ontario Two! More Ontario Shipwreck Stories (1994 hardcover)

Treacherous Waters: Kingston Shipwrecks (1997 softcover)
Sorry, we do not have any of these early books for sale. But they are sometimes available at under both "Cris Kohl" and the incorrect spelling "Chris Kohl."



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