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Great Lakes Shipwreck DVDs!

These DVDs offer fascinating portraits of Great Lakes maritime history! Written and narrated by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg, and accompanied by exciting background music and stunning visuals, these DVDs will leave you wanting to explore the waters of the inland seas -- and discovering more about the Great Lakes' maritime history!  



Shipwreck Tales 
of the Great Lakes (DVD101)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

Here are the most unusual, yet true, Great Lakes shipwreck stories of murder, mystery, and mayhem:
-- the many quests to find the fabled Griffon, the first shipwreck on the upper Great Lakes!
-- the captain who murdered his crew and sank his ship, the schooner Explorer.
-- the captain who kept his shipwreck survival a secret (from the lost schooner, George A. Marsh).
-- the wrecks of the Cornelia B Windiate; the largest sailing ships, the David Dows and the Minnedosa; the Australian convict ship named the Success (a wreck in the Great Lakes!)
-- the 1901 raising of a War of 1812 shipwreck, and its fate!
-- the 1969 raising of the Alvin Clark from Green Bay, and its fate!
This is the companion DVD to the book, Shipwreck Tales of the Great Lakes, by Cris Kohl.

Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.
$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN

Great Lakes Shipwrecks 
of the World Wars (DVD102)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

The actual fighting in the World Wars took place far from the Great Lakes which lie in the heart of North America, yet these lakes participated massively in those conflicts, and even ended up with a few shipwrecks as a result:
--the German U-boat at the bottom of Lake Michigan off Chicago!
-- an iron ore carrier lost with all hands in Lake Erie in the Black Friday Storm of October, 1916!
-- the steel freighter hauling sulfur during World War II lost in a  collision with another ship on a foggy night!
-- the shipwreck which lies in two lakes, and served in BOTH World Wars! 

Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.



$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN




Tales of Great Lakes Shipwreck Pairs (DVD103)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

Sometimes TWO shipwrecks make for ONE fascinating story, even though the vessels sank years or miles apart. Enjoy the following tales, plus more:
-- The steamship, Myron, and her faithful towbarge, Miztec, sank in the same place in Lake Superior -- two years apart!
-- The two halves of the steel freighter, the Manola, lie in separate Great Lakes, hundreds of miles from one another!
-- The steel freighters, Charles S. Price and Regina, sank miles apart with all hands in a 1913 Lake Huron storm, yet a Price body was found wearing a Regina lifejacket!
-- The huge freighter, Daniel J. Morrell, broke in two in a 1966 storm, with the stern half steaming on for another five miles!

This DVD is based upon the two-volume set of books called The 100 Best Great Lakes Shipwrecks.

Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.
$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN

The Shipwrecked Whalebacks (DVD104)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

The "whaleback" was an unusual type of bulk cargo ship invented by a man named Alexander McDougall in the late 1800's at the western end of Lake Superior. Learn about:
-- the creative man who invented whalebacks.
-- whalebacks which left the Great Lakes and became saltwater shipwrecks.
-- the eight whalebacks which became shipwrecks in the Great Lakes, including the James B. Colgate, a Lake Erie loss with one survivor, Barge 115, the last Great Lakes shipwreck of the 1800's, and the Thomas Wilson, sunk off Duluth in a collision with another ship.
-- the sad fate of the only whaleback passenger steamer, the luxurious Christopher Columbus.
-- the museum ship, Meteor, the last remaining whaleback in the world.

Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.



$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN




Shipwrecks at Death's Door (DVD105)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

This exciting DVD will help you explore, enjoy, and appreciate the rich maritime history of the land that boldly juts into Lake Michigan and Green Bay!
Early French explorers named the dangerous, shoal-studded passage between Lake Michigan and Green Bay "Porte des Morts," or Death's Door. Since then, hundreds of ships have dramatically come to grief along these rocky shores, including:
-- the long lost Griffon from 1679 -- is it near Death's Door, or not?
-- the tragic Erie L. Hackley, lost with many lives in 1903.
-- the schooner, D. A. Van Valkenburg, and its sole survivor.
--the Lakeland and its 1924 automobiles.
--the legend of the Poverty Island Treasure!

This is the companion DVD to the popular book, Shipwrecks at Death's Door, by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg.

Running time: Approximately 45 minutes.

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN

Deep Shipwrecks of the Great Lakes (DVD106)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

The cold, fresh waters of the Great Lakes hold the best preserved shipwrecks in the world, but the ones in the most pristine condition often lie in deeper waters.
This in-depth look at some of these deep wrecks includes:
-- Lake Erie's Oxford, an early vessel lost in an 1856 collision, lying in 164 feet of water.
-- Lake Michigan's tragic Christmas Tree Ship, the Rouse Simmons, sunk in deep water with all hands in 1912.
-- several deep shipwrecks off Lake Superior's Whitefish Point, including the wooden steamer, Samuel Mather.
-- the bow half of the freighter, Daniel J. Morrell, tragically lost in 1966 in Lake Huron with only one survivor
-- the amazing Cornelia B. Windiate, a stunningly preserved schooner lost with all hands in 1875. And MORE!

Running time: Approximately 28 minutes.



$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN



Exploring Canada's Great Lakes Shipwrecks! (DVD107)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

The large Canadian province of Ontario has a huge share of the exciting, fresh waters of the Great Lakes, those unique sweetwater seas that hold the greatest variety of the best preserved shipwrecks in the world!

This DVD takes an in-depth look at several of Canada's Great Lakes shipwrecks:

St. Lawrence River -- the steamer Conestoga (1922)

Lake Ontario --  the ferry Wolfe Islander II (1985), the paddlewheeler Comet (1861), the steel barge Manola (1918), the schooner Annie Falconer (1901)

Lake Erie -- the brig Oxford (1856), the schooner-barge Little Wissahickon (1896), the steamer Marshall F. Butters (1916), the steamer Sun (1874)

St. Clair River --  the tug Monarch (1934)

Lake Huron -- the steel freighter Wexford (1913), the schooner Sweepstakes (1885), the steamer City of Grand Rapids (1907), the steamer W. L. Wetmore (1901), the schooner-barge James C. King (1901), the steel freighter Niagara II (1999), the bark Marquette (1867), the steel steamer Mapledawn (1924), the steamer Waubuno (1879), the steamer Atlantic (1903), the steamer Joyland (1926)

Lake Superior -- the steamer Ontario (1899), the tug Columbus (1909)

This is the companion DVD (which includes some relatively new shipwreck discoveries) to Cris Kohl's 1990 book, Dive Ontario.

Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes




$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN

Thirteen Shipwrecks!

The Great Lakes' Worst Maritime Disasters (DVD108)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

    As incredible as it may sound, more than 7,000 shipwrecks lie in the cold, fresh waters of the massive Great Lakes, and many lives were lost in those sinkings.

This DVD is about the unluckiest 13 shipwrecks -- the WORST maritime disasters with the most lives lost! -- beginning with the most recent one, then moving chronologically through the 12 others, including:

-- The collision that sank the luxury passenger steamer, Atlantic, off Long Point in Lake Erie in 1852.

-- The Seabird fire that claimed many lives on Lake Michigan in 1868

 -- The steamship Lady Elgin, sunk in a collision with more than 300 lives lost in 1860.

-- Lake Huron's "Death Ship," the Pewabic, lost with its valuable copper ingot cargo in an 1865 collision.

-- The tragic Victoria sinking at London, Ontario, with 182 lives lost in 1881.

-- The burning, in modern times, of the passenger liner Noronic at Toronto in 1949.

--  the tragic capsizing, with hundreds of lives lost (mostly women and children), of the Eastland in the Chicago River in 1915.

Find out about the most tragic shipping disasters in the Great Lakes region!

 Running Time: Approximately 51 minutes.


$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN



Shipwrecks off

Whitefish Point (DVD109)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

To this day, Lake Superior's maritime traffic, whether upbound or downbound, passes Whtiefish Point. In the past, this traffic was so heavy that collisions between ships were inevitable, while many other vessels fell prey to the notorious Gales of November.

These wrecks include:

-- an early, propeller-driven ore carrier, the Indiana, so historic that Washington, D. C.'s, Smithsonian Institute took notice!

-- the tragic, wooden steamship Myron, with its sole survivor, and its faithful escort, the Miztec -- and its astounding fate!

-- the deep wrecks of the John M Osborn, the Vienna, and the Samuel Mather, all wooden steamships lost in collisions!

-- some shallow water shipwrecks found recently by local resident and technical diver Darryl Ertel!

-- the most famous shipwreck in the Great Lakes, the Edmund Fitzgerald, lost with all 29 hands in 1975!

Plus much more!

Running Time: Approximately 47 minutes. 

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN


Shipwreck Tales of Chicago(DVD110)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

This DVD includes exciting stories such as:

-- The 1860 loss of the Lady Elgin,

-- the 1857 burning of the steamer Louisville,

-- the steamer Globe explosion in the Chicago River,

-- the destructive 1849 Chicago River flood.

Also: Explore dramatic stories and shipwrecks of: 

-- Chicago's worst tragedy: the Eastland disaster!

-- the Wings of the Wind schooner, sunk in 1866.

-- exactly which ships were destroyed in the 1871 fire!

-- the schooner Wells Burt, lost with all hands in 1883.

-- the 1912 loss of Chicago's Christmas Tree Ship, the tragic schooner Rouse Simmons!

-- ships sunk by ice: the Flora M. Hill and the Iowa. 

-- the 1927 sinking of the excursion steamer Favorite.

-- the legendary Prohibition speakeasy ship Rotarian.

-- Chicago's unique and tragic diesel barge Material Service.

PLUS the Seabird, David Dows, Tacoma, and many more!

Find out about ships purposely sunk in modern times:

-- the huge ferry ship The Straits of Mackinac, 2003

-- The historic ex-Coast Guard ship Buccaneer, 2010

Featuring the hit song "Lake Shore Drive" by Aliotta, Haynes and Jeremiah!

Running Time: Approximately 58 minutes. 



$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN





The Great Lakes Connections (DVD111)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

In April, 1912, Titanic, the world's largest and most luxurious ocean liner, sank on her maiden voyage after striking an iceberg. More than 1,500 people died.

Find out about:

     -- the 117 Titanic survivors who arrived in the Great Lakes!

     -- the 200+ Great-Lakes-bound passengers who perished!

     -- the Great Lakes captain traveling on Titanic

     -- Titanic's Great Lakes contemporary ship, which was the largest paddlewheeler in the world!

     -- how Titanic's loss affected Great Lakes shipping, and contributed to more than 800 deaths in a single Great Lakes shipwreck, the Eastland!

     -- the Great Lakes writer who predicted Titanic's loss 14 years before it happened!

     -- the world's largest freighter -- a Titanic contemporary in the Great Lakes!

     -- two artists on Titanic with Great Lakes connections, and two modern Great Lakes artists with Titanic connections.

This is the companion DVD to the BOOK of the same title. 

Running Time: Approximately 46 minutes. 

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN


The War of 1812 

on the Great Lakes (DVD112)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

    The five enormous Great Lakes were a hot spot of contention in the War of 1812 (1812-1814), as the USA competed with the British, the Canadians, and their Indian allies for control over these massive, strategic bodies of water.

Find out about:

     -- the various times armies crossed the Detroit River to attack the enemy.

     -- the "Rowboat War" in which the British captured Mackinac Island.

     -- the massacre at Fort Dearborn (present-day Chicago).

     -- the many occasions on Lake Ontario that Kingston, York (Toronto), Sacket's Harbor, and Oswego were attacked by ships.

     -- the famous Battle of Lake Erie where 15 ships fought on the waters between Put-In-Bay, Ohio, and Amherstburg and Fort Malden, Upper Canada.

     -- why no military STEAMSHIP was developed and used in the War of 1812.

     -- many of the ships that became shipwrecks, and teir post-war stories: Perry's two flagships, the Lawrence and the Niagara; the Hamilton and the Scourge in deep Lake Ontario waters; the schooner Nancy at Wasaga Beach; the controversial Thames River wreck; and many MORE!

 Also includes up-to-date information about many historic land sites.


 Running Time: Approximately 57 minutes.

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN






Point Pelee Shipwrecks


by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

Of the three points of land jutting out treacherously from the north shore of Lake Erie, the one called Point Pelee has been, by far, the most dangerous. This DVD relates many dramatic and exciting shipwreck stories, including:

     -- early, tragic wrecks of the paddlewheelers, Kent and Northern Indiana;

     -- the effects of the schooner Maumee Valley, lost with all hands in 1900;

     -- the story of the area's Lighthouses and Life Saving Stations;

     -- the controversial 1980's anchor theft from the wreck of the Tasmania;

     -- daring rescues and failures: the George Stone, the Clarion, the Nessen, etc.

Also: Historic shipwrecks that are also popular scuba dive sites, such as

     -- the excellently-preserved schooner, Willis, lost in 1872 in its first season;

     -- the wooden steamer, F.A. Meyer, sunk by Point Pelee ice in 1909;

     -- the schooner-barge, Little Wissahickon, sunk in 1896 with three lives lost;

Plus the work of a 1960's commercial hardhat diver, the influences of Save Ontario Shipwrecks, the heritage area called ErieQuest, and much MORE!

Running Time: Approximately 59 minutes. 

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN


The Great Storm of 1913


by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

    The worst storm in recorded Great Lakes history occurred on November 8-10, 1913. Severe and wide-ranging, this fury destroyed 12 ships with all lives lost, in four of the five Great Lakes -- although Lake Huron was the hardest hit -- and did serious damage to many more vessels. Learn about these ships and hear some unusual tales about sailors who struggled with this epic upheaval. Find out about the modern discoveries of many of these tragic shipwrecks, all victims of that same 1913 storm.


            -- the case of a body wearing the lifejacket from another lost ship

             -- the man who attended his own funeral

          -- information about many of the individual sailors lost in this storm

              -- the May, 2013, shipwreck discovery of the freighter Henry B. Smith in Lake Superior.... and MUCH MORE!

 Running Time: Approximately 55 minutes.

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN






The Wreck of the GRIFFON,

The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes (DVD115)

by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg

In the year 1679, the first ship to sail on the upper Great Lakes disappeared with its entire crew and valuable cargo; its loss nearly ruined the explorer, La Salle. To this day, more than 335 years later, the wreck of the GRIFFON has not definitively been found; none of the 22 claims of discovery has been substantiated.

This DVD relates the fascinating background story of this historic shipwreck, the excitement of possible discoveries -- and where the wreck is likely to be located if it has not yet been found.

Find out about:

     -- French tokens and bolts on Manitoulin Island that could have come from the GRIFFON

     -- the shipwreck timbers found at Tobermory that could have been part of the historic GRIFFON

     -- a pole found at the bottom of Green Bay possibly being the GRIFFON's bowsprit

This is the companion DVD to the BOOK of the same title. 

Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes. 

$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN


Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay (DVD116)
by Cris Kohl & Joan Forsberg

Historic Georgian Bay, the first Great Lakes waters seen by European explorers, has been called "the 6th Great Lake" due to its huge size -- and it has claimed many shipwrecks, some tragic, all dramatic, during the course of its exciting maritime history, which peaked in the century between 1850 and 1950:

"Shipwreck Tales of Georgian Bay" shares many of the stories

-- the schooner, ARABIA, sunk in a storm near Tobermory, has been far more disastrous for modern scuba divers than for its final crew in 1884!

-- the steamer, WAUBUNO, fell victim to an 1879 storm -- lost with all hands

-- the MARY WARD, wrecked near Collingwod in 1872, a popular, shallow site for exploration today

-- the very first ship on Lake Huron, the GRIFFON (1679), may have been lost here
-- the War of 1812 ship, the NANCY, is today a unique shipwreck museum!
-- the steamer, ASIA, the worst disaster in Lake Huron's entire maritime history, had only two survivors from the 123 people on board.
And MANY MORE TALES (see map)

Running time: Approximately 50 minutes.



$14.95 US
$14.95 CAN


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