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The Christmas Tree Ship (Book)

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The Christmas Tree Ship

Artwork: The Christmas Tree Ship, courtesy of artist Eric Forsberg.

The tale of the fabled schooner, Rouse Simmons, is the most famous Christmas story to emerge from the Great Lakes. This ship, loaded with Christmas trees for Chicago, sailed into the year's worst storm and disappeared on November 23, 1912, taking with it Capt. Herman Schuenemann and about 15 others who were on board. Utilizing new research and new information, this book covers the Rouse Simmons' history and its final, tragic voyage, its jovial master, known to Chicagoans as "Captain Santa," his amazing family, the discovery of the shipwreck in 1971, and includes striking, underwater images. Read about the many ships that carried Christmas trees, and the modern rekindling of the Christmas Tree Ship tradition -- as told by Cris Kohl and Joan Forsberg, two of the best-known Great Lakes maritime historians.
128 pages, 6" x 9" softcover, 70 color images, 80 black-and-white images, Bibliography, Index
ISBN: 978-0-9882947-0-7
LCCN: 2012950596 
 $17.95 US
 $17.95 CAN

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