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The Wreck of the GRIFFON (book)

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Photo:The GRIFFON, art by C.H.J. Snider, courtesy of the Toronto Public Library.

The Wreck of the GRIFFON
The Greatest Mystery of the Great Lakes 

 In the year 1679, the first ship to sail on the upper Great Lakes disappeared with its entire crew and valuable cargo of furs. Built by the explorer, La Salle, near Niagara Falls, its loss nearly ruined him. To this day, more than 335 years later, the wreck of the GRIFFON has not definitively been found. It has become the most hunted -- and the most "found" -- shipwreck in Great Lakes history!
This book relates the fascinating story of the GRIFFON: its background, information about the many (22!) claims of discovery made in the past 200 years (none yet proven), the excitement of possible recent discoveries (including the most recent one, made public in December, 2014) -- and where the wreck likely is.
On its maiden voyage, this ship was the very first to sail across Lake Erie, up the Detroit and St. Clair Rivers, and across Lake Huron and Lake Michigan. On its way back to Niagara from Green Bay, it vanished, commencing the centuries-long quest to discover its fate.
224 pages, 6"x 9" soft cover, 100 color images, 110 black-and-white images,
maps, bibliography, index.
ISBN 978-0-9882947-2-1
LCCN 2014951672
$19.95 US 
$21.95 CAN

"...your terrific manuscript on the GRIFFON. You both did a wonderful job on your research and especially your writing, which was very professional...."
-- Clive Cussler, Author 

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