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Diver's Guide to the Kitchen  (book by Joan Forsberg)
Ralph White, Joyce Hayward, and Robert Marx await food. Background: Hawaiian fish (Cris Kohl Photos)

A delightful, interesting, and useful "cook-and-tell" book!
Read what scuba celebrities, such as Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard, world-renowned treasure hunter Robert Marx, filmmaker Stan Waterman, TV host John Chatterton, Bermuda's shipwreck hunter Teddy Tucker -- plus more, about one-third of them from the Great Lakes -- are cooking up.

These are unique recipes with interesting stories behind them. Glimpse into the personal side -- some touching, some hilarious.

Softcover, 127 pages, 115 photos, 60 fabulous recipes with 60 fascinating stories from 60 famous figures in the scuba world.
ISBN 0-9679976-3-1
"Ask any diver and they'll tell you: the next best thing to gliding along the underwater current is tucking into a great meal afterwards. Now, finally, someone has had the foresight to gather the best recipes of renowned divers across the nation and compile them into one book...."  
-- Florida Scuba News
"For several years, Joan Forsberg hounded a virtual 'Who's Who' of North American divers to submit their favorite recipes for a book. Her deadline was repeatedly extended as laggards couldn't seem to drag themselves away from the water long enough to write down and send their favorite recipes....
Through it all, Joan cooked each recipe submitted, and used her daughters, Jennifer and Lara, and her husband, author and Great Lakes historian Cris Kohl, as guinea pigs.... The Forsberg-Kohl family has apparently survived the ordeal, no doubt with their usual good cheer....
Divers and non-divers alike will find Diver's Guide to the Kitchen entertaining as a read in itself, as well as providing both food-for-thought, and recipes to try for those diving outings, club events, and other surface-interval functions that take up time between dives." 
-- IMMERSED Magazine
"Some of the most familiar names in diving share their culinary secrets in this cook-and-tell book written by Joan Forsberg.... [It] includes recipes and narratives from people like Robert Ballard, who discovered the Titanic; underwater filmmaker Stan Waterman; and Zale Parry, best-known for her underwater stunts in the 1950's television series 'Sea Hunt'...."
-- Dive Training Magazine 
"Who knew serious divers had such wonderful funny bones! Great Lakes Historical Society member, Joan Forsberg,.... has put together a most entertaining cookbook. Recipe contributors give a little history of their recipe and Joan gives a little insight into the contributors.... This is one entertaining book. Worth the read even if you don't cook."
-- Inland Seas, Journal of the Great Lakes Historical Society
"Every once in a while we receive a nice surprise in the mail.... the cover photo of Joan Forsberg's Diver's Guide to the Kitchen gave us more of a shock than a surprise when we saw the awesome 'Professional Grade' Culinary Disposal Team of Ralph White and Bob Marx hovering over empty plates with their Weapons of Mass Seafood Destruction drawn and ready...tempered by the placing of the gracious Joyce Hayward as 'the rose between the thorns'.... So should you require a recipe with thousands of hours of diving and a celebrated career endorsing it, or just want to know what you might be eating when Brett Gilliam invites you to dinner, Joan's book is for you...."
-- Historical Diver (a California publication)

$12.95 US
$12.95 CAN

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